Never Grow Up

Very Childish

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

-Pablo Picasso

About Us

What We Do


Very Childish is a small business run by British artist Joe Rocky Holey.

Focusing around children’s portraits and themes, the aim is to present and make available artwork which encapsulates nostagia and also conveys contemporary effect along with years of self-explored artistry from the artist.


Our Nature 


Original works and prints are available and new work is made regularly. All profits after expenses are put back into Very Childish. Due to costs and the consistency of working small, it is possible produce affordable works and keep 1-2-1 communication direct with the artist for or clientele. 


VC offers prints on professional grade matte archival paper with our 9 ink pigment printing system, ensuring lightfast endurance for our artworks. Originals will be all labelled individually and will be of the highest quality W&N artist oil and Molotow and MTN Acrylics.



All artwork is subjective and an artist must remain flexible. If you have a specific idea that you would like to see being brought to life, drop us a line at